Elder Care Service

Elder Care Service in Delhi/NCR

We all know no one can beat the age, we kept growing older and with passing age, our body gets weaker. Sometimes it happens that due to unforeseeable reason you have to stay away from your old parents, who will take care of them? How will they survive their daily routine? These worry keeps revolving in your mind. But have you ever consider taking help from the professional? A helping hand of professionals can make survival of your old parents easy. Yes! The number of medical centres is providing elder care services; here expert attendant will take care of your parents when you are not around. Patient Health Care Service is one of the best registered medical centres providing elder care service in Delhi-NCR, Laxmi Nagar and many more cities. We strictly follow the medical rules and never compromise with the health of any patient; our expert doctors are available to provide the best elder care services to your old parents.

What does Patient Health Care Service do?

We provide elder care service for all old patients who need medical attention to live through their daily routine. Say for example your old parent is suffered from any injury or any disability due to which he/she has to suffer for daily routine; without hesitating we provide elder care service for those parents too. In case an old parent is suffering from serious disease and needs prior medical attention as well as for daily routine, we are here to take care of them. Our elder care service attendant takes care of them right from their grooming to medication needed to be given. Sometimes it happens that lonely old parents get depressed and fight with emotions for not being around with family, in such case apart from medication emotional support is also necessary who can look after old parents and make them feel better. Our skilled team of attendants at Patient Health Care Service look after their each needs likewise...

  • Daily grooming and personal hygiene of the patient
  • Time – to – Time medication assist
  • Look after exercise routine if needed
  • Taking them to the washroom and other help
  • Emotional relation building with the patient to support emotionally
  • Give needed therapy
  • Take out for a light walk
  • 24*7 availability nurse attention
  • Daily check up for B.P, Sugar, and Pulse rate.
  • Taking care of their food need

If you are looking for elder care service for your old parents, reliable and can be friendly to your old parents. Patient Health Care Service elder care service is one of the best in Delhi-NCR, Laxmi Nagar and many more cities. Contact today at our helpline for more details. To bring a smile to patient’s face is our motto.

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