General Nursing Care

General Nursing Care Service in Delhi/NCR

Taking care of patient just after the discharge from hospital can be a tough job to do and that too single handed can be a hectic task, in such case hiring a professional nursing service as a helping hand can turn out as a smart decision. When a patient gets discharged from the hospital, he/she is not fully recovered though near to recovery. Here nursing service from a registered hospital can be beneficial for the patient. After all, a professional knows better than any one of us.

Many medical centres are providing home care nursing services; Patient Health Care Service is a registered medical centre and has the team of certified and qualified nurse available for providing nursing service. Our skilled nurse will take care of a patient in every aspect of medical attention needed as per the condition of the patient, whether it is recovery from a disease or an injury. Our skilled nurse will provide the best home care nursing service to your family member just like hospital nursing services, nonetheless only physical medical care is not enough sometimes. Here our nurse also builds up an emotional connection with the patient and make sure the patient is emotionally healthy creating a friendly atmosphere for fast recovery.

What does Patient Health Care Service do?

Apart from regular medicine feed, our skilled nurse also takes care of special medical attention where required. This varies from patient to patient; depending on patient and purpose of nursing service our skilled nurse take care of them even with the other medical equipment if needed such as...

  • Bladder and bowel management
  • Catheter care
  • Bed sore management
  • Ventilator management
  • Vaccination management
  • Injection and IV Infusion
  • Oxygen Administration
  • Proper feeding
  • Wound caring
  • Needed therapy
  • Exercise management
  • Time – to – Time Medication care

Apart from these major nursing care services, our trained nurse also looks after the daily grooming and hygiene concern of the patient. Constant supervision and medical attention are given to a patient in a critical scenario. Nursing at home care service at Patient Health Care Service, we ensure you no matter what patient medically require it will be taken care of. In case if you are looking for nursing service, contact us on our helpline now! For best home care nursing service in Delhi-NCR, Laxmi Nagar ,and many more cities. Certified and registered nursing service provider.

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